Yogis Like Yogasana!

"I highly recommend Yogasana mats for all those who practice yogasanas and love the feel of nature as they practice."

Gary Kraftsow

"The mission of Yogasana is initially what drew me to connect with them, so the fact that the mat is actually AWESOME is simply a bonus."

Amber Campion

"I love the color and the feel of my Yogasana mat. It's great for my prostration practice as it has a wonderful, organic, sacred qualit."

Allison Premischook
Sustainable Yoga Mats

Sustainable Yoga Mats

Yogasana’s roots lay in weaving cotton rugs in India. We applied 15 years experience to create yoga mats as exceptional as the yogis they serve. Your mat takes 10 days to make, every step by hand. The weaver’s signature is attached, representing the hand-off from craftsman to yogi and the quality guaranteed for the next 15 years of your yoga journey.


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Common Yoga Questions & Answers
The practice of Yoga has been around for decades and recently become a trending exercise used by many worldwide to promote a better lifestyle. To be precise, Yoga is actually an ancient Indian practice that involves physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines that are intertwined into a beneficial healing experience. 
Why More Seniors Can Benefit From Meditation
Americans of all ages are trying out mindfulness practices—and it’s high time seniors did, too. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that around 14.2% of Americans are starting to practice mindfulness or spiritual meditation to improve their mental and physical well-being. There’s even an uptick of kids practicing meditation since some schools have integrated mindfulness training into their curricula to help students and educators improve wellness.
Why Daily Yoga Practice Is Good for Your Health
When the word yoga is mentioned, the first thing that comes into most people's minds is mat rolling and postures such as headstand, tree pose, or downward facing dog. However, yoga includes body postures, breathing exercises, and meditative practices that aim to bring physical and mental well-being awakening.

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