• Yogasana! The transition to transcendence! Love my new Yogasana mat and especially; The smell and feeling from the natural cotton.

    Yogi Patrick

    Ether (purple) - Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Yoga Mat | Yogasana

    • $99.00
    • $110.00

    Enhance your yoga practice by including the color of mystery and meditation in your yoga environment. The Ether (akash) mat is comprised of 3 shades of purple. Purple is associated with nobility and spirituality. A shade of purple is also associated with the Crown Chakra and is considered a good color for meditation.  

    This non-slip mat is the best yoga mat for yoga outdoors. This eco-friendly yoga mat is 4" longer than standard mats.

    Add a touch of royalty with our Ether mat and make your yoga practice more uplifting and creative.

    • GOTS certified organic cotton
    • Machine Washable - line dry
    • Perfect for most styles of yoga
    • Great for yoga indoors & outdoors
    • Reversible - you 2 mats for the price of 1
    • You will feel the difference on a hand-made cotton yoga mat
    • Your mat will be your companion on your yoga journey for many year... 
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    Top layer of breathable foam

    Top layer of breathable foam

    Top layer of breathable foam