Yogasana Organic

Yog = unity / asana = posture

Yogasana Yoga Mats
  • Yogasana is a classic and traditional yoga mat. Cotton is a natural material. It predates rubber and plastic
  • 15 year Guarantee. Our mats are hand-made to last.
  • Cotton allows energy to flow. Rubber is an insulator and acts as a block
  • The most adaptable mat. Use it indoors & outdoors for most styles of yoga
  • After years of service, the mat retires in a home – never in landfill
  • Help educate a child. Our foundation, Yogasana Circle, gives back $5 for each mat sold to buy school supplies for the children of our production workers in India.

The Law of Karma

Yogasana Circle

We provide educational and financial support to the children of the workers who make our mats. These are the daughters of some of our weavers. When you buy a mat, $5 goes towards helping educate these girls and all the children of our productions workers. If you choose to make an additional donation, 100% goes toward this cause. Not a dime is deducted for administration.