Yogis are Our Ambassadors...!

"My birthday is months away, but my cheap foam yoga mat was getting more and more damaged, despite how careful I was with it. So I ordered a handwoven cotton mat that should last for many years. It wasn't cheap, but it's my fortieth birthday this year, and I think it's worth it. My old mat isn't going in the bin. I'm going to use it as an antislip layer under my new mat when I'm practicing asana on the wooden floor, or when I'm doing things that really need the extra cushioning. You don't actually need anything but yourself to do yoga, but it's a beautiful thing, and I'm excited to see what I learn while using it. @yogasanamats #yoga #yogaisforeverybody #yogamat"
Iam Shadow Ambassador
Iam Shadow
"It's not like you're sitting on cotton balls ‚ it's rough, but in a good way. You might freak out the first time you wash it in a machine, because it will come out like a hard, warped dragon, but when you lay it down on the floor, you can step on it and get it back into shape ‚ so don't worry. Also rolling it back up tightly will help shape it back up. I did put mine in the dryer for a short run the first two times, but now that I see the true need to have it moist when using it, there's no need to worry about it being dry. Note: It's true that if you're on a wood surface like most studios, you will need the grip-it layer below or another sticky yoga mat underneath (why lug another mat, though, when the roll of grip-it is so much lighter and easier to tote around?). I would recommend, though, that the grip-it run the entire length of the rug instead of 64. I say this because if you push off the top or bottom and there'sno grip-it underneath, your rug will slide. All in all, I have no doubts this rug will last a lifetime if I take proper care of it, and you might not believe me, but during the day I just can't wait to get to my next class so I can be on top of it again! All in all, I have no doubts this rug will last a lifetime"
Allen Terhune Yogasana Ambassador
Allen Terhune
“I was unfamiliar with Yogasana when my daughters presented me with this mat as a gift. I also had no idea that yoga would change my life and that I would become a yoga teacher! Gurudev Amrit Desai, my teacher says “if it doesn’t change your life, it isn’t yoga”. My Yogasana mat put me two steps ahead on that path with soft handwoven cotton and awesome colors. Thank you, Yogasana for being part of my life changes!”
Myra Rubinstein Yogasana Ambassador
Myra Rubinstein
"I just received and tried out my new saffron yoga mat. It's every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. The smell, the texture on my hands and feet, the color is amazing. I am so looking forward to many years of practice with my new best yoga friend. Kudos for an amazing product. I hope to add more colors in the future."
Michelle Jefferies Yogasana Ambassador
Michelle Jefferies
"We love ,love our Yogasana mats we use them EVERY DAMN DAY. Easy to travel with and will stand up to any weather conditions ..being from Canada could be our snow filled back yard or to our second home Cuba"
Carla and Dillan Yogasana Ambassador
Carla and Dillan
From Regina Sk. Canada
There is a connection and a joining of spirit that has never been present with my numerous sticky mats. The Sanskrit meaning of yoga is to join or unite. I never thought that principle might apply to my yoga mat and me. That is, until I purchased a natural, handwoven, cotton yoga mat from Yogasana Mats. From the moment that I opened the box, I felt a kinship with the mat ‚ nothing like that has ever happened with a sticky mat purchased from a local department store! The weaver'sname and signature were attached to the mat, a lovely stick of incense was included in the package, and the color and fragrance of the mat were beautiful. I spread it out, sprinkled some holy water on it, thought about the weaver, the cotton, the dyes, the warm sun, and I felt my heart expand in gratitude for it all. I love to go to my mat now ‚ because there is a connection and a joining of spirit that has never been present with my numerous sticky mats. If you want your practice to go beyond mere yoga exercise into a deeper state of union, you might want to start with a Yogasana yoga mat!
Renee Miller Monterey Yogasana Ambassador
Renee Miller Monterey, CA
"I am always striving to be 'environmentally friendly' in my life from growing veggies in my yard, to composting and recycling just about everything. I finally have a yoga mat that meets my environmentally friendly test! I love that the mat is made, without power, and of natural cotton, in India. Best of all, I love the connection to the earth, and its energy, that I feel when laying in Savasana. This mat is beautiful; I actually keep it unrolled next to my bed when I am not doing down dog on it. I highly recommend using a Yogasana Mat."
Jill Parsh Yogasana Ambassador
Jill Parsh MS* HNE
HHC Founder, Food for Healt
This mat truly feels like sacred space! The texture keeps the soles of my feet and hands firmly planted and full of awareness. I especially love this mat when we are doing prone poses (belly down, such as cobra) because it feels so comforting after the pose to lie my face on organic cotton rather than a sticky PVC mat. It is perfect for a hot, sweaty class and is a conversation starter. Every class since using this mat I have had someone ask me what I am practicing on. It will make you popular boys (haha). I love keeping it laid out at home (as it is so pleasing to the eye) and using the mat outside is just perfect (for yoga or just lounging around). The mission of Yogasana is initially what drew me to connect with them, so the fact that the mat is actually AWESOME is simply a bonus.
Amber Campion Yogasana Ambassador
Amber Campion
Amber Campion is from NYC and is a Yogasana Ambassador and the founder of Yogaeira a fusion practice of Vinyasa Yoga, Martial Arts, and Thai Bodywork.
"This purchase, for me, was a turning point in my life as a yogi."
Liz Moudy Yogasana Ambassador
Liz Moudy
"My name is Megan Kelley, I am a Hatha yoga instructor who's practice has been completely transformed through the incorporation of Yogasana's Earth mat. I like to practice outside, but it can be difficult to flow when a plastic mat is sticking to me through transitions. When used outside, Yogasana's woven mats feel as if they form to the shape of the Earth, adding an entirely new element to your practice. They support you and ground your practice, so you can find your center and truly connect to the Earth."
Megan Kelley Yogasana Ambassador
Megan Kelley
"I only used a mat when traveling and got my yogasana just for that. I find myself using my saffron woven mat daily now. I love the way it feels when doing asana. It really is my base. The only problem is my cat thinks it is hers."
Katrina Arnold Yogasana Ambassador
Katrina Arnold
I love using them for my hot yoga classes because they eliminate the need for a towel. Yogasana mats rock! They're super soft and come in so many fun colors. I love using them for my hot yoga classes because they eliminate the need for a towel. The mats also machine wash nicely, which is a plus when you're practicing several times a week. I absolutely love and adore it.Doing my practice on a traditional mat makes me feel complete in my quest. Okay, I've practiced with the rug a half dozen times, washed it three times, and am ready to give you my thoughts: I absolutely love and adore it. Truly, I think the goal in yoga is to be within, and that it doesn't really matter what you're on or what room you're in or even who the instructor is, but doing my practice on a traditional mat makes me feel complete in my quest. The specifics of the rug are documented well on the site and in other testimonials, so let me just add that if you spray it good ‚ enough to keep it damp, it sticks just like my Jade rubber mat. And while I preach about not being concerned as to what you're standing or sitting or laying on, being on this cotton feels earthy.
Yvette Hayes Yogasana Ambassador
Yvette Hayes
Yoga Diva
"I LOVE the color and the feel. It is great for my prostration practice as it has a wonderful organic sacred quality knowing it was made by hand loom. -Shiva Rea, Yogini, Samudra Global School for Living Yoga"
Samudra Yogasana Ambassador
Global School for Living Yoga
"The Yogasana eco-friendly mat has been a fantastic addition to my yoga practice in the hot room! The feel of this mat under my feet is like no other, and I love it! Not only is it the most effective non-slip mat for hot yoga practice out there, but because of its 100% natural materials and the loving care taken in its making, this mat really helps ground and calm body and mind, as you enter into that personal space before, during, and after practice. And it looks beautiful! You won't need to use a yoga towel with this mat to prevent slipping. You may choose to put a towel on top just to catch that extra sweat during the floor series.After class I use a homemade mat-spray solution with tea-tree and lavander oils... I hang the mat outside my porch and voila! What do I do if it's cold, cloudy or rainy outside?I hang it or lay it down inside the house under the fan. Ideally, you want to have two of these mats if you practice in the evenings and need to take it with you the next morning, so you can allow time for it to dry.Enjoy and Namaste! - Jaya Sita Bikram Yoga Teacher and practitioner in Philadelphia."
Jaya Sita Yogasana Ambassador
Jaya Sita
Bikram Yoga Teacher and practitioner in Philadelphia
Love my mat and will look forward to using it lots this summer
Catherine MacKinnon Yogasana Ambassador
Catherine MacKinnon
"I'm so inspired by your yoga mats! I think it's a beautiful thing you are doing with the master weavers and being good to the environment. It's so nice to know companies like Yogasana exist with such attention to detail, great philosophy and products, and a way to give back. I'm grateful for the opportunity to give in this way as I practice living in abundance"
Thomas Caylor Yogasana Ambassador
Thomas Caylor
Hello! I am interested in buying a couple more mats. I bought earth over a year ago now and she is still going strong, madly in love - but would love to have the option of a few more colors to use depending on my mood! I am planning on getting saffron and water mats too! Allison Premischook - Australia
Allison Premischook Yogasana Ambassador
Allison Premischook
"Thrilled the mat's on its way - such speedy service! I might be back for more - they look so lovely (and ethical). By the way, I think you have a truly excellent, inspirational Ambassador in Britta Trubridge. It was through her various internet/social media sites that I found my way to you - she's really quite astonishing; very inspiring. In my 50s, she's made me want to achieve a goal of doing a handstand as she does. We\ll see! Kind regards, Anna Hackett"
Ashley Newby Yogasana Ambassador
Ashley Newby
"After pining for one of these yoga mats for about 6 months, I finally got one as a graduation gift from my parents. I had read so many wonderful things about these mats, and I was so excited about the durability, the no-slip texture, and the ability to throw it in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Upon receiving it, I learned that there was so much more that went into the crafting of this mat than just durability and texture. My mat came with a note hand signed by the person who wove it (by hand, no electricity used to make these mats!), and I felt such a connection to the mat's origin. When I first stepped onto my mat for yoga practice, I was concerned that the thick texture would hurt my hands and feet. But the mat actually became softer as I used it (especially after washing) while in no way losing its best features like the no-slip grip and sturdiness. I've since used it in the sand, in the grass, in the dirt, on hardwood floors, carpet, etc. and it never fails to amaze me. When it gets dirty I simply put it in the washing machine and it comes out all clean. The quality of this mat never seems to decline. I see this mat being in my life for many years to come! Chelsea Dimascio I love the way Yogasana connects the product to the environment and the people who produce it. I also really like that this is a product that supports a traditional way of life in India. Danielle Richardson"
Danielle Richardson Yogasana Ambassador
Danielle Richardson
I received my Yogasana Mat today and I am absolutely delighted with it. The combination of a work of art/custom and such a worthwhile cause gives these mats a really great feel. I unrolled it and did a short practice straight away whilst burning some incense you kindly sent. Many blessings regards, Rob Wills (from Tasmania)
Denielle Albrecht Yogasana Ambassador
Denielle Albrecht
We love, love our Yogasana mats. We use them EVERY DAMN DAY. Easy to travel with and will stand up to any weather conditions. Being from Canada could be our snow filled back yard or to our second home Cuba's white sand beaches. Best choice we’ve made as a somewhat new Yoga-couple. Kevin From Minny, Thanks!!!!! Carla and Dillan From Regina Sk. Canada
Carla and Dillan Yogasana Ambassador
Carla and Dillan
From Regina Sk. Canada
Thank you so much for my beautifully hand-crafted yoga mat! I have just tried it out for the first time and it both relaxes and energizes me simultaneously!
Zara Yogasana Ambassador
I bought an Earth mat in 2016 and completely fell in love with it! The natural fiber, natural smell and long size made me feel at home for the first moment I started practicing.Over the years my connection with my mat has grown. My mum loves my mat too, so I plan to buy an Earth mat for her for Mother's Day 2020
Tessa Martins  Yogasana Ambassador
Tessa Martins
The Netherlands
I really am in love with this mat ! I take it everywhere with me and it's amazing to see how people come to touch and ask about it! It is quite rare to see such a mat in France 🙂 Alex Terieur Martinique
Alex Terieur Martinique Yogasana Ambassador
Alex Terieur Martinique
I received my Yogasana Mat today and I am absolutely delighted with it. The combination of a work of art/custom and such a worthwhile cause gives these mats a really great feel. I unrolled it and did a short practice straight away whilst burning some incense you kindly sent. Many blessings regards
Rob Wills Yogasana Ambassador
Rob Wills
“I love my Yogasana Mat! It's not only beautiful, it is practical as well. Practicing on it, I feel connected to the traditional Yogis in India, and knowing it's made By hand with so much Love and Earth Consciousness, brings my practice to a whole new Gratifying level. I love the texture and how it feels on my hands and feet. I had the opportunity to test it out thoroughly at home and at the Yoga Journal Conference, No slipping here! Thank You Yogasana!”
Victoria Rechcygl Yogasana Ambassador
Victoria Rechcygl
THANK YOU!!! I received my mat and I'm already totally in love! I have now dubbed my mat my happy place and when I need a moment of peace that’s where I go! this mat was totally worth the wait!! Thank you again for giving me a place of peace in our turbulent world! Yogi Monica I've been using my Yogasana cotton mat for a little over a year now and I just love it! The production process is as sustainable as it can get. The feel of my mat is like touching the earth. It doesn't smell like chemicals as do so many mats. The beautiful green (Spring) mat is perfect for Shavasana.
Gary Grover Yogasana Ambassador
Gary Grover
Yogasana! The transition to transcendence! Love my new Yogasana mat and especially; The smell and feeling from the natural cotton. The feeling of the small knots on your limbs for perfect alignment. The energy flow and concentration that comes together with practice on it. Definitely the natural way of Yoga. It’s also a pleasure to support a master artisan and company with your profile. Thank you very much for a wonderful product and great service (lovely incense that supported the first practise on the mat). Can already after a week notice a significant difference in my practice comparing to my old black mat pro (rubber). Namaste!
Yogi Patrick Yogasana Ambassador
Yogi Patrick
When I finally committed to practicing asanas daily I felt a huge disconnect from the rubber mat I was using. I'd reluctantly roll it out, the ends staying curled up...it would rip or smell and I really just had no use for it. It seemed to contradict what I believed yoga was to me--a connection with myself first and then to my environment. This plastic rubber mat wasn't going to cut it for me anymore. After time I found myself using no my at all. It was hard to stay balanced on my wooden floors or take my practice outside on rougher terrain. As I advanced, I decided it was time to get a mat that better resonated with me and the earth, which brought me to Yogasana Mats. More than a mat, this beautifully made piece of cloth is a magic carpet ride. I love the feel, look, history and story behind these mats. When I first step on my lovely lavender mat I instantly feel a deep connection and find myself grounded in a way a rubber mat never made me feel. These mat always look great... out in a room or near an alter, you won't roll this mat up and stick it in a corner to forget about. So much more than a mat, I bring mine with me everywhere...the beach, lakes, picnics...it finds it place any where I go. I highly recommend yogasana mats and personally can't wait to get more!!
Ashley Binford Yogasana Ambassador
Ashley Binford
Love this mat. I practice hot yoga and frequently in the outdoors. This mat doesn't slip or move around during my practice, especially love it's heavy weight when moving through Sun Salutations. Great for throwing down on the grass, doesn't ripple and has an organic, earthly feel. A great alternative to synthetic mats. ~
Angie Richter Yogasana Ambassador
Angie Richter .​
Yoga Instructor & Owner of Ellensburg Yoga Hot Spot Bless.​
As soon as I opened the box the scent of incense was beautiful, then to unravel the mat and see and feel the beautiful shades of finely interwoven fabric was such a delight! I continue to explore with the mat and love the shape and firmness of the surface texture. I'm very impressed with the reliable traction in Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing dog), as well as offering a comfy softness too for restorative sequences. Plus, I find when relaxing in Savasana on the mat I relax deeper in Yoga Nidra and have used it purely for relaxation sessions. It is incredible & ironically unexplainable! Above all it is an outstanding mat! I appreciate it as my sustainable yoga mat as well as a fine piece of art work, intricately woven and hand-crafted. I have so much respect and gratitude for Yogasana producing such wonderful mats.”
Emily Hardwick Yogasana Ambassador
Emily Hardwick
UK Yogi
My girlfriend started crying when I showed her the gift, (Yogasana Water Mat) she said it's one of the most interesting and thoughtful gifts she's ever received! I told her about background of the company and the weavers. She was so pleased about the "ethereal" side of the mat... There was also a yoga teacher present (when I gave my friend her mat) and first thing the teacher said was that she should get one and bring it to class so that others would buy it too! Hopefully we've started a movement here in Toronto...there are a lot of Yogi's here.
Krisha Unsworth Yogasana Ambassador
Krisha Unsworth
Toronto, Canada
My Ether mat just arrived and it is gorgeous! Thank you for your prompt service. I will recommend Yogasana to friends and family. Thanks again.
Sarah Flynn Yoga Ambassador
Sarah Flynn
Oh my goodness... I can't begin to tell you how excited I am! I adore Yogasana mats! Each time I roll my mat out, I feel a sacred space flow out in front of me. I know that I am doing something good for my body -- health-friendly fibers hand-woven in Northern India seem to vibrate peace and tranquility. My students often notice and comment. They, too, are seeing something different happening on my mat. My mat's weight and texture are ideal for movement... And I know it's far better for me and this glorious planet to practice on Yogasana!
Paula Miller Yogasana Ambassador
Paula Miller
Dog on the Porch
Love my mat… its wonderful! Using it every day with gratitude 🙏
Helen Kvalem Yogasana Ambassador
Helen Engelstad Kvalem
Oslo Norway
My mat just arrived and it’s lovely, but very happy to finally have my own Yogasana mat. Perfect for my practice!
Ann Svensson Yogasana Ambassador
Ann Svensson