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What are Yogasana mats made of?

100 % organic cotton. The cotton is certified by GOTS and grown by farmers that are members of the Better Cotton Initiative in India. The cotton fabric is not treated with synthetic finishes during manufacturing.

Is the mat reversible?

Yes there is no specific top or bottom. Both sides can be used.

What type of dyes do you use?

We use direct cotton dyes. The dyeing process is natural. Our dyes are free of Benzedrine and can fairly be described as eco-friendly. Theydo notcontain mercury, lead, chromium, copper, sodium chloride or toluene. We have installed a treatment facility where the residual dye water is treated before being used for irrigation of vegetable fields. This treatment does not include dye effluent with organic bacteria, as this is not considered an eco-sustainable practice.

Where are the mats made?

In India near the ancient city of Banaras. It's in this region yoga is said to have originated

How long does it take to make a mat?

10 days. 7 days for initial production operations, then 3 days for weaving. In this same period, a typical yoga mat maker will extrude 1000’s of mats by machine.

What makes these mats unique?

It's all about touch.We call it Hands to Hearts. Our mats are hand-woven and a card with the weaver’s signature is attached to the mat. We believe handweaving lends a unique quality to our mats that can’t be replicated by the machinemade variety. It’s intrinsic, it’s inherent. There's a different feel and energy experience on a product made by hand. Cotton will last longer than synthetic PVC substitutes (PER,TPE) or rubber. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They work well for most types of yoga.

How is the mat washed and maintained?

The Yogasana mats can be washed by hand or machine with cold water and a gentle natural detergent. Always line dry. Between washings you can spritz your mat with tea tree oil to keep it clean.

Is the mat slippery?

The nature of our cotton yoga mat is the opposite of a sticky rubber/plastic mat. With a sticky mat – the more you sweat – the more you slip. With our cotton mat the more you sweat – the more you stick! If you need more resistance as you start your practice you can spritz the mat with water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the spray bottle for a wonderful relaxing essence.

What is the warranty?

We use the finest materials to make our yoga mats. Our production workers and weavers have been with us for many years. We guarantee our mats for15 yearsagainst manufacturing defects. During this period if a mat displays any defect in materials or craftsmanship - it will be replaced. Without a doubt. We take our guarantee very seriously.

How do you describe this type of mat?

Yogasana is a Classic and Traditional Yoga Mat. Our mats represent yoga at its origins. They work well for most styles of yoga. It performs well outdoors and indoors. It does not have the spongy feel of plastic or rubber mats. You will experience a better grounding to the earth with the firm feel of a natural fiber.

Will the mat shrink when washed?

Because the mats are made of natural fiber a limited amount of shrinkage (<10%) can occur after the initial washing.

Will the mat slip on the bottom on a smooth surface?

Some slippage will occur on a smooth surface. To prevent this you can use our Grip it Pad. This rubber underlay anchors the mat to the floor. Also you can use our mat on top of an existing rubber mat.

What about the texture of the mat?

The natural weave isfirmbut the cotton will soften somewhat over time. The feel is not like a sticky mat. In essence a Yogasana mat is a woven rug. If you prefer a more spongy feel, our mat may not be the best choice.It’s the firm structure (tight weave) that give our mats their longevity. Indian yogis have commented that the texture offers a natural acupressure effect on the hands and feet

Why didn't you apply a rubber grip to one side of the mat?

We choose not to do this for these reasons:

It adds cost and isn’t required by many yogis.
Our mat would not be reversible.

We feel that the rubber would shed after repeated washings. The simpler solution is to offer a rubber underlay as an option.

A Yogasana mat can also be used on top of an existing sticky mat. We also provide a Grip-It! Pad. With this natural rubber underlay, the mat is anchored to the floor

What makes this mat eco-friendly & sustainable?

We try and incorporate sustainable practices at every stage in making and delivering our mats.

Cotton is grown by farmers who are members of theBetter Cotton Initiative. BCI insures better working conditions and wages for these farmers.

Organic cotton production uses 90% less water than conventional.

The raw cotton is spun to our specs by a mill that is certified by GOTS.Global Organic Textile Standard

Our production workers are adult men and women. No child labor is used. They are paid more than the prevailing wage.

Since the start of the pandemic and continuing on, we havedoubledthe wages paid to our weavers. They asked for this increase and we naturally agreed to their request.

We use natural dyes and treat the residual water to make it safe to be used for irrigation of vegetable fields.

We have replaced the plastic bag that encloses the mat with a hand-made cotton sleeve & mat carrier. These cotton bags are made by a woman-owned company that employs women exclusively to make textiles. This provides jobs, independence and empowerment for these women.

The gifts, for the yogi, included with our mats are made by artisans to support cottage industry in India.

The shipping box we use to deliver our mats is certified sourced by theSustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI

What if I’m unhappy with the mat?

Most yoga mat makers allow returns for unopened mats. We have a better offer! Try the mat out. Experience the feel of a mat made of natural cotton. If you’re not satisfied return the mat for a full refund for up to 30 days. 🙏

Do you make custom sizes?

Because of the hand-made process it is not possible to make individual custom sized mats. The cost of having a single mat woven would be prohibitively expensive. We have increased the width and the length of our standard mats to accommodate requests from yogis. We may make an extra long mat in the future.

Explain the Give-Back to support the production workers

Yogasana Circle is our foundation that supports the education of the children of our production workers. We donate $5 with each mat sold to buy school supplies for these kids. If a yogi makes a donation when they buy a mat, the total amount goes to this cause. There are no deductions for administration to transfer the funds to India.