Our Foundation ‘Yogasana Circle’ Gives Back

Yogasana Circle

We provide educational and financial support to the children of the workers who make our mats. These are the daughters of some of our weavers. When you buy a mat, $5 goes towards helping educate these girls and all the children of our productions workers. If you choose to make an additional donation, 100% goes toward this cause. Not a dime is deducted for administration.

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Our mats are produced in a region of India where many communities struggle to meet basic educational needs and necessities, such as clean water and medical care. With a little help from our friends in the yoga community, children of this region can become self-sufficient and look to a better future.

In Hinduism, a Kalash (brass container) is considered to be a symbol of abundance and the ‘source of life’. Each portion of the Kalash represents material things: the pot references a container of fertility, the leaves are associated with the God of Love, Kama, and symbolize the pleasure of fertility, and often a coconut embodies prosperity and power. For Yogasana Circle, the green swirl represents the benefaction received. The green leaf symbolizes growth and nurturing provided to the children we help to support.