We Believe Karma is Real

 Yoga practice in mountains

The story of Yogasana begins with a blessing from father to son. My Indian partner and I began by making cotton rag rugs. These “chindi” rugs had a simple design with solid colors. They were made with a strong thread and were long lasting. We developed a reputation as skilled weavers of cotton. We were asked by several yoga companies to make a cotton mat for their brand. We considered this, but chose instead to develop our own mat.
We call our brand: 


(YOG) mean union - (asana) means posture
In India the yoga postures are called: ‘yogasanas’.

My partner also makes wool & silk hand-knotted rugs used in some of the finest hotels in Europe (Ritz Paris).
When we began Yogasana his father asked to speak with him: 

My son, you know I’ve never taken much interest in your rug business, but I’m very pleased with your yoga mat venture.
You have my best wishes for its success.

Nothing’s more valued by an Indian son than the blessings of his father.

Our mission is to give back to the workers who make our mats and thanks to the yogis who support this cause when they purchase a Yogasana mat.
Through our foundation Yogasana Circle, we donate $5 from the sale of every mat to support the education of the children of our production workers.
If a yogi makes a contribution when they buy a mat, 100% of the donation goes to this cause. We believe the best gift you can give a child is an education.

We are thankful for this sustenance.
In gratitude, 
Kevin Aylward
Yogasana Founder