Yoga In Prisons – What Uruguay Is Doing A Bit Different

The country of Uruguay is blazing new trails with its pioneering prison yoga program aimed at providing inmates with tools for personal development.
“What we are hoping is that this will help expand this intervention model and work on issues of education and human rights through yoga,” Soledad Garcia, a representative of the Inter-American Institute  of Human Rights, one of the organizations supporting the project, told EFE.”
The initiative is known as Project Shala, and has been spearheaded by the creators of the Yoga and Values in Prisons program, which offers yoga classes to inmates as a tool for relaxation, awareness-building, and personal transformation. This non-profit project initiative aims to offer new opportunities for personal growth to inmates in Uruguayan jails. Organizers hope it’ll inspire other projects both in Uruguay and beyond. A smaller initiative, the Yoga Prison Project, teaches yoga classes in dozens of jails across the United States.


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