What to bring on your next yoga hike

Since its beginning, yoga has been related to the connection of humans with nature and the universe. It helps us be more mindful, gaining a connection to the world around us. 

What better way is there to connect with the world than to practice yoga in nature? Going on hikes where we practice yoga in the midst of the trees does wonders for the mind and the body. 

Still, it’s essential to stay safe. Nature is a wonderful thing, but it can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. So, what things should you bring for your next yoga hike? 


Sustainable Materials 

Yoga girl in tree pose looking out over trees.Practicing yoga outside is an amazing way to connect with nature. But, what better way is there to connect with nature than to make sure you do it sustainably? Of course, you should never leave anything behind when you go hiking. But, what if you take it a step further, and use yoga supplies made from natural materials? 

Of course, the best way to prevent waste is to use what materials you already have. If you already own yoga equipment — great, keep on using them! But, if you’re in the market for some new equipment, it’s great to shop sustainably. 

There are many companies that create yoga equipment from sustainable materials now. Many of these materials consist of natural rubber, cork, and cotton. This is great if you’re looking for a new mat, yoga blocks, or yoga straps. 

Once you can no longer use them, these materials will degrade in just 10-200 years, unlike plastic which never fully degrades. This is great if your equipment somehow gets left behind. 

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What To Bring

There are some essentials that you need to bring along on your hike to be safe and make the most of your trip. 

A Positive Mindset 
Woman in a meditation pose with mountains in the background.

You’re going on a yoga hiking retreat, how can you be anything but happy and excited? In all seriousness, though, to get the most out of your hiking trip, you’ll want to bring a positive attitude. This is the number one most important “piece of equipment”. 

Hiking and practicing yoga in nature is so refreshing for the body and the mind. Clear your thoughts and allow the world around you to fill you with energy, positivity, and the willingness to listen. 

Yoga Clothes 
Of course, you’ll want your yoga clothes for when you stop to do yoga. It would be quite uncomfortable to try and practice yoga in a pair of un-stretchy hiking pants. 

So bring along your yoga wear — tops and bottoms that are breathable and stretchy. If you’re going for a longer hike, you might want to bring a few pairs in case you get dirty. 

Hiking Clothes 

Hiking clothes are just as important as your yoga clothes. It’s going to take some work to get to your perfect yoga spot. You probably don’t want to make the trek in a sports bra and yoga pants. Something a bit more protective is usually preferable. 

What you bring depends on where you’re hiking. If you’re hiking at elevated locations, make sure you bring warm layers. But, also bring lighter layers for when you get too hot. Long pants are always ideal at any elevation because they’ll protect you from bug bites and scratching plants. 

If you’re going on a longer hike, make sure to bring extra clothes. You’ll also want a waterproof jacket and pants in case it rains. 


The best shoes for hiking are waterproof boots or sneakers. They should have plenty of traction on the bottom as well. 

Unless you plan to practice yoga barefoot, you should bring an extra pair of shoes as well. Regular sneakers are usually good. 

Yoga Mat 

If you’re going to be practicing yoga, then a yoga mat is incredibly important. It keeps your clothes from getting dirty, and it prevents you from sticking your knees or hands into a jagged rock. Fortunately, we have the best yoga mat for the job. 

Rolled up organic cotton yoga mats stacked on top of each other.

Travel with yoga mats. It can be annoying. They can be bulky and heavy, making your hiking difficult. Not with Yogasana. A Yogasana organic cotton yoga mat is the best mat to take on your hike. 

Yogasana makes yoga outdoors exciting and enjoyable. The mats are hand-woven in Varanasi, India where traditional yoga has been practiced for centuries. Traditional yoga is practiced on natural materials like cotton, so this is the material Yogasana uses to create their mats. 

Using a natural cotton mat allows you to be closer to nature while maintaining years of tradition. 

Popular with yogi hikers: Yogasana's Earth (brown) organic cotton yoga mat

Protection & Sustenance 

Making sure you’re prepared for anything that could happen is one of the most important things in hiking. Make sure that you bring plenty of water and food in case you become lost. Sunscreen is also very important, and you should bring a first aid kit in case of injuries. 

Navigation Tools 

One of the absolute most important things to bring on your hike is a map and compass. Anything can happen to make you lost. A mislabeled trail. A wrong turn. Whatever it is, you don’t want to stay lost. A map and compass will guide you back to where you’re supposed to be. 

Books & Journals 

Being out in nature is a relaxing and humbling experience. With only their thoughts to keep them company, many people find inspiration during their hikes or yoga practices. 

It’s a great idea to bring along a journal so that you can write down these thoughts for later, or even just to remember your experience. Books are also a great way to wind down and relax while you’re at the center of nature. 

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Yoga teacher in a backbend on a green organic cotton yoga mat with the mountains as a backdrop


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