Tame Your Overactive Mind With These Three Tips

Trying to fall asleep your mind starts racing; waiting for an appointment your mind darts from one overdue task to another. Even more frustrating, when you hit your yoga mat the same restless mind creeps in. It’s only natural for our minds to be on the go. What we want to help you with is organizing and taming the mind to relieve that sense of restlessness and anxiety. Let us help you tame your overactive mind. There are simple forms of meditation that can be perfect for you. Don’t let the word “meditation” intimidate you though. It’s not just about positioning, solitude and all the things we initially believe we don’t have patience and/or time for. These three simple practices can help tame your mind.


Awareness Meditation

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. When your mind wanders, accept it. Bring yourself back. Be aware. Feel your emotions. Bring yourself back again.

Yoga Nidra

Known as “deep, effortless, body relaxation,” Yoga Nidra is also referred to as yogic sleep, according to yogi Jacqueline Buchanan. Yogis are familiar with this method for it is often found at the end of yoga practice. But it’s helpful for everyone looking for momentary relaxation.

Nadi Shodana

You can use the following calming technique in the midst of a stressful time. Here, yogi Jacqueline Buchanan describes an effective practice:Take your right hand into Vishnu mudra by placing the tips of the index and middle fingers down into the palm of the hand, at the base of the thumb. Throughout this breathing technique, you will use the right thumb to close the right nostril, and the right ring and pinky fingers to close the left nostril as you alternate rounds of inhalations and exhalations.” Are you ready to tame that wandering mind? It’s important to know that it is possible! With patience and commitment you can let calm set in.


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