How Our Love Of Yoga Is Driving Up Yoga Mat Sales

There’s no denying how popular yoga has become across the globe, particularly more recently here in the West.With healthcare costs on the rise, and an opioid dependence increasing, men, women and children are looking for ways to destress, stay active, and improve their health.Yoga appears to be the answer.With the heightened popularity of yoga across the world, the demand for yoga mats market has witnessed a remarkable rise. Experts don’t see this demand going away anytime soon.Analysts expect this demand to remain high in the years to come. But when we look at the numbers a bit closer, we see some troubling trends coming down the pike.PCV yoga mats report a higher demand among consumers than any other yoga mat. One of the primary reasons for this draw to PVC is because these mats offer a superb grip to practitioners. However, alternative yoga mats, including the handwoven cotton mats we make here at Yogasana, offer even greater grip.But don’t take our word. Just listen to what others have had to say:
“Love this mat. I practice hot yoga and frequently in the outdoors. This mat doesn’t slip or move around during my practice” – Angie Richter, Yoga Instructor & Owner of Ellensburg Yoga Hot Spot“I’m very impressed with the reliable traction in Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing dog), as well as offering a comfy softness too for restorative sequences.” – Emily Hardwick of the UK
But the choice of yoga mat goes beyond grip. Or at least, it should. When we practice yoga, we do so throughout the day. While waiting in line at the store; while driving in rush hour traffic; while enduring the ups and downs of a political election.Even while choosing the types of products we fill our lives with.PVC yoga mats are far from representative of what it means to practice yoga. The destructive manner in which they are made and disposed of goes against everything a yogi stands for, in and out of practice.Yogasana Mats Compare To OthersWe’re extremely excited about the rise in popularity of yoga across the globe. But we want to make sure that aspiring yogis remember that the essence of their practice expands well beyond asana.With every breath you take and purchase you make, yoga should be at the heart of it all.Is your mat representative of a true yogi nature? 


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