Find Immediate Peace – Inspirational Yoga Quotes

Stephani Lindsey (@stephanilindsey on Instagram) was introduced to yoga after an accident in 1988 turned her world upside down. It all came about in a very grace-filled way. Her mother gave her a book called Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain.  She took advantage of her down time and visualized herself being well.Since then, she’s launched Open Heart Massage and Yoga Therapy – a gateway into the realm of your own heart, the place of your own inner goodness and worthiness. Stephani offers Yoga and Therapeutic Massage as a means of accessing the healing capacity within yourself. She offers from the abundance she’s so gratefully received from teachers and healers throughout her life. She practices what she teaches, and receives what she offers. From the glimpses of light within her own heart she wishes to light up yours.

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