Beach Yoga – The Best Yoga Mat For The Beach

“Imagine yourself silhouetted by the rising sun, arms raised in salute, bowing to the morning.”

Those eloquent words were spoken by Mark Oliver, the founder of YOGiiZA, the exclusive Miami wellness partner at Florida’s uber-hot Acqualina Resort & Spa.

Wanting to incorporate nature into your practice is, well, only natural. 

Yoga is intended to connect us with the universe around us. That can be difficult within the confines of a studio.

Taking your practice to the beach can be the perfect solution, but there are, of course challenges that come with replacing a firm floor with a sandy foundation.

Here are a few tips to help you bring your practice – and your yoga mat – to the beach for a few sun salutations.

First, figure out what to use for your “yoga mat” at the beach

Your traditional rubber or plastic yoga mat will not work at the beach. The contours of the beach will wreak havoc on not only your comfort, but your safety as well.

Not to mention, as you begin to sweat, sand will stick to your mat and could become a nuisance during your asanas.

I’ve seen a fair share of beachside yogis use a beach towel for their yoga mat. This can be a good substitute; however, there are a few issues with beach towels that many yogis don’t like, including the origin of these towels.

Most beach towels are mass-produced, manufactured in a way that isn’t reflective of a yogi’s connection with the universe.

That’s why many outdoor yogi enthusiasts use one of our Yogasana yoga mats.

Our mats are made in India, by hand, by 100% cotton and without the use of electricity. Talk about a mat that’s rooted in nature!

Wear cool clothing for beach yoga

While it can be a lot of fun to wear those expensive and tight yogi outfits in the studio, these type of plastic clothing don’t breathe well.

Natural fabrics – like cotton – will keep you cool, healthy and, of course, connected with Mother Nature.

Please, bring your sunscreen!

The last thing you want to have happen during your sun salutations is to get burned by the sun. Don’t forget, the ocean reflects the light and magnifies its power.

It might feel amazing, but it can also be painful, not to be harmful to your health.

Build a good foundation with your feet

One of the reasons I really like to take my yoga practice to the beach is because it helps me work on my foundation. The sand is not a level surface, meaning we have to work extra hard to maintain our balance.

I suggest you twist your feet a few times so that they dig deeper into the sand.

Bring a bathing suit!

If you think yoga in a studio is a workout, get ready for the ultimate workout under the heat of the sun, atop the soft ground of the beach.

You’ll get hot. You’ll get sweaty. And you’ll want to cool down after your practice.

Fortunately for you, the ocean is just a few steps away. What better way to naturally cool down from your time on the mat?


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