Yogis Like Yogasana!

"I highly recommend Yogasana mats for all those who practice yogasanas and love the feel of nature as they practice."

Gary Kraftsow

"The mission of Yogasana is initially what drew me to connect with them, so the fact that the mat is actually AWESOME is simply a bonus."

Amber Campion

"I love the color and the feel of my Yogasana mat. It's great for my prostration practice as it has a wonderful, organic, sacred qualit."

Allison Premischook
Sustainable Yoga Mats

Sustainable Yoga Mats

Yogasana’s roots lay in weaving cotton rugs in India. We applied 15 years experience to create yoga mats as exceptional as the yogis they serve. Your mat takes 10 days to make, every step by hand. The weaver’s signature is attached, representing the hand-off from craftsman to yogi and the quality guaranteed for the next 15 years of your yoga journey.


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How to clean your yoga mat
Discover how to clean your yoga mat with eco-friendly, all natural ingredients and not with chemicals by using solution of warm water and white vinegar.
practicing yoga outdoors with two two yogis doing acro yoga with mountains in the background
When traveling to teach and practice yoga outside, we are often asked questions by yoga students on how to choose the right outdoor mat. There are many choices when looking at yoga mats and we love the eco-friendly, sustainability and texture of cotton yoga mats.
Yogi practicing yoga on an organic cotton yoga mat on the beach.
For many years, most yoga mats were made with PVC -- these pvc yoga mats are the plastic sticky mats at your local yoga studio or in stores. They are often mass produced and may be toxic. Learn about what is in your yoga mat and your options for mats that are eco-friendly and chemical-free.

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