The Mission of Yogasana Circle

To provide educational and financial support to the children of the workers who make our mats.

Our mats are produced in a region of India where many communities struggle to meet their basic educational needs and necessities, such as clean water and medical care. With a little help from our friends in the yoga circle, children and community members of this region can become self-sufficient and look to a better future.

Yogasana Circle Support

Some of these children are pictured here. Part of the proceeds from the sales of every eco-friendly yoga mat sold will go towards a fund to help provide educational supplies (school books-pencils-stationary) to the families of these children.

In 2017 over $10,000 was contributed to Yogasana Circle. This includes donations by yogis  when they purchased their mats, in addition to the give-back of Yogasana towards this cause.

Should you choose to make an additional contribution to Yogasana Circle when you buy your mat – 100% of your donation will go towards this cause.

Behind the Yogasana Circle Logo

Our Yogasana circle logo is a ‘Kalash’, an important symbol in Indian heritage. It represents the basic principles of a yogic lifestyle. It is considered auspicious and symbolic of everything pure and divine, inviting a bright and prosperous future.

The ’Kalash’ is usually made of brass, mud or a copper pot with mango leaves and a coconut placed over the leaves covering the mouth of the pot. When filled with water, it represents stability, power and a harmonic human body filled with the divine life-force and infinite possibilities to achieve and live a wonderful life.

We have chosen the Kalash as the logo for Yogasana Circle to represent our commitment to a life filled and fulfilled with harmony, peace and infinite possibilities. This is the ultimate goal and the benefit of a yogic lifestyle.