yoga mat testimonial

Yoga Mat Testimonial from Emily Hardwick of the UK

yoga mat testimonial

As soon as I opened the box the scent of incense was beautiful, then to unravel the mat and see and feel the beautiful shades of finely interwoven fabric was such a delight!

I continue to explore with the mat and love the shape and firmness of the surface texture. I’m very impressed with the reliable traction in Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing dog), as well as offering a comfy softness too for restorative sequences.

Plus, I find when relaxing in Savasana on the mat I relax deeper in Yoga Nidra and have used it purely for relaxation sessions. It is incredible & ironically unexplainable!

Above all it is an outstanding mat! I appreciate it as my sustainable yoga mat as well as a fine piece of art work, intricately woven and hand-crafted.

I have so much respect and gratitude for Yogasana producing such wonderful mats.
– Emily Hardwick 

Yoga Mat Testimonial from Emily Hardwick of the UK

From Ellensburg Yoga Hot Spot’s Angie Richter


“Love this mat. I practice hot yoga and frequently in the outdoors. This mat doesn’t slip or move around during my practice, especially love it’s heavy weight when moving through Sun Salutations. Great for throwing down on the grass, doesn’t ripple and has an organic, earthly feel. A great alternative to synthetic mats.” ~ Angie Richter, Yoga Instructor & Owner of Ellensburg Yoga Hot Spot


From Ellensburg Yoga Hot Spot’s Angie Richter

Testimonial from a Yogi in Norway

Yoga Mat Testimonial from Norway

The transition to transcendence! 

Love my new Yogasana mat and especially:
  • The smell and feeling from the natural cotton.
  • The feeling of the small knots on your limbs for perfect alignment.
  • The energy flow and concentration that comes together with practice on it.
  • Definitely the natural way of Yoga.
It’s also a pleasure to support a master artisan and company with your profile.Thank you very much for a wonderful product and great service (lovely incense that supported the first practice on the mat).
Can already after a week notice a significant difference in my practice comparing to my old black mat pro (rubber).
Testimonial from a Yogi in Norway

Yogasana Love from Tasmania!


I received my Yogasana Mat today and I am absolutely delighted with it. The combination of a work of art/custom and such a worthwhile cause gives these mats a really great feel.

I unrolled it and did a short practice straight away whilst burning some incense you kindly sent.

Many blessings regards,

Rob Wills (from Tasmania)

Yogasana Love from Tasmania!

The Life of a Yogasana Mat, As Told by Craig Z

This is my mat.

There may be many like it but this one is mine.
Since purchasing this mat back in the spring of 2013, my mat has been quite the traveler:

  • – The quiet and hectic life of a group house in Columbia Heights in Washington DC.
  • – The peaceful serenity of the prama wellness center just outside Asheville, NC.
  • – The majestic St Lawrence river in upstate NY.
  • – My hometown of Woodbury, NJ.

Then the journey really took off. This mat has seen the inside of airports in Philadelphia, Johannesburg, Doha, Lusaka, and New York city. It has been stained by the burnt red, leached soil of Sandangombe, Zambia. Termites have tried to tear it asunder. It has served as a sleeping pad on the gravel shore of Lake malawi when a rainstorm forced me from my hammock into a tent. It has been a makeshift underquilt for my hammock on cold nights, and a portable cushion and seat for my travels.

It has been stained by the burnt red, leached soil of Sandangombe, Zambia

My mat. My home.

More than these things, the mat has been a traveling home of sorts. Even if I just use it to stretch, do some other exercises, or just do a few sun salutations rather than a longer sequence, it is there. I have found refuge on my mat whether dealing with the stresses of peace corps, or the death of my grandfather. The frustrations and challenges of being an outsider in my community, far from my friends.
This mat has held my sweat and my tears. It has seen me through a range of emotions from anger and sadness to joy and laughter. I am glad to have come across yogasana mats.

This mat can do things others cannot. You can’t fold up a rubber mat repeatedly and use it as a cushion. You can’t use those outside, sleep on them on rough surfaces,  etc. You can’t wash and dry them in the sun!
This is my mat. There may be many like it but this one is mine.

– Craig Z.

The Life of a Yogasana Mat, As Told by Craig Z
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