• "This purchase, for me, was a turning point in my life as a yogi."

    Liz Moudy

    Air - Natural Eco-Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat | Yogasana

    This classic element represents the power of pure substance. Aspire, inspire and spirit. Grade A, un-dyed cotton in its most natural and pure form. This non-slip mat is the best yoga mat for yoga outdoors. This eco-friendly yoga mat is 4" longer than standard mats.

    Air (pavan) is movement and has the quality of touch and sound. Its attributes are cold, dry, light, subtle, mobile, sharp, rough, hard, and clear.

    • Machine Washable - line dry
    • Perfect for most styles of yoga
    • Great for yoga indoors & outdoors
    • Reversible - you 2 mats for the price of 1
    • You will feel the difference on a hand-made cotton yoga mat
    • Your mat will be your companion on your yoga journey for many years
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    Why Choose Yogasana?

    Top layer of breathable foam

    Top layer of breathable foam

    Top layer of breathable foam