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Saffron Yoga Mat

$95.00 USD $89.00 USD

Feel the Difference

Relax and experience the asanas on a natural cotton mat woven by hand in India near the birthplace of yoga. Easy to wash and maintain, feel the superior grip when used outdoors or indoors. Our 15 year warranty ensures that after years of service, this mat will retire in your home…never in a landfill.

After 3 days of weaving, the Master Weaver’s signature is attached, this represents the pride-of-craftsmanship intrinsic in making this traditional/classic yoga mat. Indian yogis suggest cotton, a natural material, allows subtle energy currents to descend from the crown of the head to earth in the practice of a yogasana. Rubber mats act as an insulator against this flow.

  • Practice indoors or Outdoors
  • Reversible Mat
  • Can be purchased with matching Grip it! Pad
  • Size: 24″ x 72″    (61cm x 183cm)
  • Thickness: 3/8″   (9.5mm)
  • Weight: Approx 4lbs  (1.8kg)
  • Machine Washable – cold water / line dry

We offer a 100% money back guarantee in the first 30 days. We ship to the USA, Canada and international destinations. Orders from India are shipped direct.Tracking details are emailed when your order has been shipped

US Shipping Rates

  • Standard Domestic: $10 USD (4 – 7 Business Days)
  • Free for 2 mats
  • Express Shipping: $22 USD (2 – 4 Business Days)

Canada Shipping Rates

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International Shipping Rates

  • USPS $40 USD
    (Import fees or taxes may apply*)
15 year warranty
100_ natural cotton
30 days guarantee
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Yogasana - A Classic Yoga Mat

Cotton Yoga Mat Weaver

Eco-Sustainably Made / By Hand

Yogasana mats take 10 days to make. No power is used. This sturdy mat eventually becomes a rug in your home, never ending up in landfill

Follow the Sun

Use your Yogasana Mat in the park, on the beach, in the surf, on the patio, in a forest or on a mountain top . Our 15 year warranty has got you covered.

More Sweat Equals More Grip

Yogasana mats offer superior performance for most styles of yoga. If you need more grip before you sweat, mist your mat with water infused with essential oil. Sweet!

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We Give Back

When you buy a mat, $5 of the price goes towards providing school supplies to the children of our production workers in India

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