We believe that the practice of yoga and eco-sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Our mats are handmade by men and women at our production facility near Varanasi, India – the birthplace of yoga.

But the story of Yogasana begins in a time long ago …

15th Century India – Mystic poet and Master, Saint Kabir, is one of the iconic saints of India and was born in the ancient city of Benares (modern-day Varanasi).



story of yogasana

Kabir earned his living as a humble weaver and formed the framework for an honored tradition in this region of the world.



weaving yoga mat

The weavers of Benares proudly continue the trade to this day. It is the wisdom and history of these weavers where the Yogasana cotton yoga mats are born.



Near this birthplace of yoga, Yogasana has been making cotton rugs since XXXX. We applied our cotton weaving expertise to make a mat dedicated to the practice of yoga.

The Journey of Our Yoga Mats

It takes 10 days to make each Yogasana yoga mat, and no electrical power is used.

1. The process begins by acquiring cotton from our preferred mill. The cotton can be traced to local farmers in the region.

2. After sorting, the cotton is dyed using a natural process. Color consistency is critical. The residual dye water is treated and used to irrigate adjacent vegetable fields and fruit orchards.

3. The dyed cotton dries in the sun, and then is issued to weavers. The weaving lineage of these craftsmen dates back several generations.

4. The mat is woven on a manual loom. It takes 3 days to weave a single mat.

The pride of craftsmanship is represented by the signature of the master weaver on each mat that he makes. The signature represents the passing of a mat from the weaver to the yogi.This signature, in Hindi, represents the ‘hand-off’ to the yogi who will own the mat for at least 15 years (that’s our guarantee) and perhaps a lifetime. Each mat is carefully finished before final inspection, and then packaged for shipment.