• I bought an Earth mat in 2016 and completely fell in love with it! The natural fibre, natural smell and long size made me feel at home for the first moment I started practicing.

    Tessa Martins

    Earth (brown) - Eco-Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat | Yogasana

    Everybody has goals for their Yoga practice – more energy, sense of calmness or a feeling of stability and focus. If your expectation from your yoga routine is to feel healthy, stable and grounded, our Earth mat will support your practice.

    Our Earth (bhūmi) yoga mat is dyed in 3 earth-tone colors. Brown is a neutral and warm color. The colors are connected to stability and reliability. Representing the color of earth, these brown colors symbolize everything natural and organic. Similarly, our mat is designed to stabilize your mind and body and increase the feeling of wholesomeness during your yoga practice.

    This non-slip mat is the best yoga mat for yoga outdoors. This eco-friendly yoga mat is 4" longer than standard mats.

    Feel a connection with the earth and improve your power of self-discipline.

    • Machine Washable - line dry
    • Perfect for most styles of yoga
    • Great for yoga indoors & outdoors
    • Reversible - you 2 mats for the price of 1
    • You will feel the difference on a hand-made cotton yoga mat
    • Your mat will be your companion on your yoga journey for many year... 
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    Top layer of breathable foam

    Top layer of breathable foam

    Top layer of breathable foam