• Are Handmade Yoga Rugs Better Than Plastic Yoga Mats?

    Yoga mats are an essential part of your practice -- have you thought about how yours is made? Not all yoga mats are made in the same way. Most rubber and plastic yoga mats are mass produced and extruded through machines. However, all of Yogasana’s organic cotton yoga rugs are handmade.
  • What to bring on your next yoga hike

    What better way is there to connect with the world than to practice yoga in nature? Learn what to bring on your hike to make practicing yoga outside easier.
  • The path to making handmade organic cotton yoga mats

    As we began to follow our dream to produce beautifully crafted, GOTS certified organic cotton yoga mats, we experienced obstacles that threatened the success of our eco-mission. However, we were determined to produce yoga mats made of natural fibers and free of toxins and chemicals.