Practicing Yoga Outside

  • Traveling & Practicing Yoga With an Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

    When traveling to teach and practice yoga outside, we are often asked questions by yoga students on how to choose the right outdoor mat. There are many choices when looking at yoga mats and we love the eco-friendly, sustainability and texture of cotton yoga mats.
  • What to bring on your next yoga hike

    What better way is there to connect with the world than to practice yoga in nature? Learn what to bring on your hike to make practicing yoga outside easier.
  • How To Practice Yoga Outdoors

    We have seen the picture of the yogi practicing sun salutations outdoors, with nature's beauty as the perfect backdrop. Her hair is blowing in the wind, the sun's soft morning rays are casting ethereal highlights on her body and the peaceful look on her face hints that she's entered samadhi, or t...